About Us

 90 Years in the making

The Guam Museum’s History Is Our History

The Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum & Educational Facility  is a place which  all Guam’s people can be proud.  Within these walls and on the grounds the stories of the past will come alive, and new imaginings and new stories will emerge. The Guam Museum reflects the diversity, creativity, and resilience of Guam and the Mariana Islands.  It will encourage people to engage in dialogue, to share multiple perspectives and experiences, and debate issues that concern us all today.

About The Museum


The Guam Museum is a Government of Guam entity administered under the Department of Chamorro Affairs (DCA). It is managed by the Galaide Group, LLC, a locally owned and locally networked company that specializes in program and project planning, public relations, community outreach, information technology and communications. Working with museum experts, educators, archeologists and other community partners, the Galaide Group manages the Guam Museum’s day-to-day operations and is helping with capacity-building efforts for DCA museum staff.

Guam Museum Interior, 1937

The museum was officially named the “Senator Antonio ‘Tony’ M. Palomo Guam and Chamorro Educational Facility” by Governor Eddie Baza Calvo through Executive Order 2016-03. It remains simply known as the Guam Museum.

The Guam Museum has a seven-member Board of Trustees, known as the Kosas Board of Advisors, established by P.L. 21-118

The Museum History Timeline